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At Austin Street Coffee Roasters, we are passionate about ethically sourced coffee that has as few middlemen as possible. We want our coffee to be as close to farm to cup as possible. In the specialty coffee world, drink prices can be expensive, but even with those high costs, coffee farmers receive very little profit. When we set out to find a green bean supplier, we looked for suppliers who truly care about the people who produce the green coffee beans we roast. We are thrilled to partner with Atlas Coffee in Seattle to bring you a wonderful cup of freshly roasted coffee that is ethically sourced. Atlas Coffee can trace their coffee beans back to the exact farm and community that produced it and they work hard to negotiate prices with these communities to ensure that the price they pay is more fair than Fair Trade products. We are very happy to support communities around the world by paying a fair price for our green coffee beans.

Each month, we intend to highlight a charity that will receive a percentage of sales from our one pound bags of roasted coffee. Our goal is to give at least 10 to 15% of our proceeds every month to local charities so that we can give back to the community that supports our small business.

We recently acquired a beautiful vintage IR-12 Diedrich roaster that can roast up to 26 pounds in less than 18 minutes. We will have the roaster visible in our Mosaic Coffee Co. shop. Each month we hope to offer special coffee events such as tastings, cuppings, and even a step by step roasting experience for the coffee connoisseur who would like to know more about the art of roasting.