Our Story

June 2019


Growing up in the music scene of the Dallas area we (owners Leah and Megan) constantly found ourselves frequenting local coffee shops either to meet with friends, study, listen to live music, or play in bands. We always loved the atmosphere of a coffee shop and noticed that caffeine was usually a catalyst for creativity and community involvement. As we got older and went through the MBA program at Dallas Baptist University, we began to really pay attention to the business models behind coffee shops. Many coffee shops supported local charities and found ways to give back to the community that supported them. We always vowed that if we ever had the opportunity to start a business, we would have a business that strives to honor God and seeks to bless the community around us. 

And here we are today... Summer 2019. We've been in the process of renovating the Ratliff Building - the original law office building of Levelland. It wasn't an easy process to renovate and modernize a building built in 1928, but we are so excited that this beautiful building is going to be home to a coffee shop, live music venue, and even music lessons upstairs once we renovate the old law offices. 

Throughout the process of purchasing, renovation, and planning the coffee shop, we've seen miracles happen along the way. We truly believe that this endeavor is a calling that God has given our family. We've seen so many times how He goes before us and prepares the way! 

Special thanks goes to our parents who have believed in us and supported us and without whose help this coffee shop would still be just a dream. Their knowledge and willingness to help has been invaluable to making this dream come true and getting the doors open later this summer! 

We look forward to opening this summer and meeting everyone that walks through our doors!



This picture was taken in Seattle at the Starbucks Reserve. Pictured from right to left: owners Megan and Leah, and parents Carrie and Ken

Family Photo Starbucks Reserve.JPG